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Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions

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Creation Date: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 | Page Was Last Updated on: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
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Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions (aka: CFF) is an American company headquartered in Moncure, North Carolina, USA that develops database driven ASP (Active Server Pages) web applications. Established on January 2000 to sell music and host websites. In late 2002 CFF stopped selling music online and concentrated on web development and windows programming with Borland Delphi 6 Professional until late 2009 when owner and developer Wayne Barron stopped designing windows applications for commercial use all together to concentrate on working primarily with ASP and Access Database for creating web applications for his company and to broaden his developmental skills to start helping and working on outside projects. In mid-2010, Wayne moved all database application over to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and started designing potentially high traffic web applications for CFF. Wayne also does instructional videos and online training as well as volunteering his time on sites like Experts Exchange. With a handful of websites designed and promoted under his Company CFF, Wayne is also venturing out with learning Video Editing and Video Production with CFF's newest site Dark Effects Production.
Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions
Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions
Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions
Background Information
Company Name:Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions 
Years in Business:11 
Startup Date:January 2000 
Founded:Sanford, North Carolina 
Founder:Wayne Barron 
Headquarters:Moncure, North Carolina 
Areas Served:United States, Canada, Australia exc... 
Business Type:Web development and Video Production 
Development Language Utilized:ASP (Active Server Pages), SQL (Structured Query Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language 
Other Language:AJAX, JQuery (JavaScript) 
Primary Database Utilized:SQL Server 2005 Enterprise 
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1 - About Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions
=> 2 - Websites owned and designed by CFF
3 - Sites Designed For Clients
=> 4 - The Model Studio (Florida)
5 - Promotions

About Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions

Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions was named after the owner's son and the late drummer for the Hard Rock band KISS, Eric Carr and his stage persona.
Carrz = Named after Eric Carr and after Carr Barron (The z is from the 2nd part of Carr Barron's name: Carr-Zatian«)
Fox = Taken from Eric Carr's stage persona, as he wore the Fox makeup when he joined KISS.
Fire = Fire is an incredible force that everyone knows of and is aware of.
Promotions = CFF is a company that promotes products and music as well as people, places or things that the company feels has something special to share with the rest of the world.
CFF is the true meaning of inspiration to all that know the company and the owner.
Through failures and lows in life, you can only go so far before you hit the bottom, and the company has hit rock bottom several times in its 11years.
CFF is now a force to be reckoned with and holds a take no prisoner attitude with the products, services and the tutelage's that the owner has proudly given over the last 2yrs on the website Experts Exchange.
Never give up and never go down without a fight, which is how Wayne Barron feels and has always been since his childhood in Sanford N.C. in the 80s.
CFF is Wayne Barron and his life, and now you can share in the adventure of watching him grow with Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions 2000-Present.

Websites owned and designed by CFF

The following sites are designed by Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions.
Coding Source« The site that we started in 2009 is: Coding Source« which is a site that is designed for people to join in on the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of information.
The site will be undertaken a new design to fit in with the structure of the rest of CFF sites, as we believe is making products that have an ease of use without a large learning curve.

Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions« main site, which like Coding Source, will be undertaken a major makeover within the coming months to fit in with the design of EnterView and other CFF sites.« Image Hosting. CFF Pics is an image hosting site, mainly for members of CFF Based sites. And is also the image hosting site, for all images that you see here on EnterView.
Roadhawg Cycle« Is No Longer In Development
EnterView« (The first phase). The original EnterView is the first step in what we have now, but was not what we wanted for our future. To read more about the history of EnterView, please go here EnterView«.
Next was EnterView« and as you can see with the site that you are currently viewing, the dream has become the reality and is the brain child of Wayne Barron. To read more about EnterView, please go here EnterView«.

And our most recent venture and product is Dark Effects Production«. Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions with Wayne Barron with his son Sabastian Carr-Zatian« Barron (Carr for short) have started Dark Effects Production for their Video Editing and Production work. With several projects in the work as well as a parody to the movie The Blair Witch Project, with the Title of: The Gwother Witch Project is in current development and will be released this spring 2011.

Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions is a company like no other, they have something that they want to share with the world, and it all starts HERE!

Sites Designed For Clients

The current client sites that have been developed by CFF are as follow:

The Model Studio (Florida)

Wayne Barron is currently designing (re-designing) a modeling agency website out of Florida. The Model Studio is a company owned by Pamela for over 22 years. After doing some work for Pamela and Cynthia O'Neill, back in December 2010, Wayne was asked to do the hosting for the new site and to redesign the old site to give it a more modern look.
Wayne Started on The Model Studio site on Monday, June 20, 2011, and is expected to have it ready for its new LIVE date, by July 4th, 2011. A celebration of new beginnings!
Info: (Link will be posted once site is live)


Wayne Barron is also an author on the site Wikipedia and has created the following articles in helping to promote a local band called The Fifth.
The Fifth« About the band. Bernie 'B-Man' Mangiboyat« is the bassist for The Fifth. Confessions of Man« is The Fifth 3rd Album with a Re-Release under EMG/Universal Records
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